Book Reviews

Me Before You Book Review

Rating: 5/5 Stars

This book…this book was so beautifully written.  The characters were great and came off the page, especially the main character, Lou, and Will.

I really liked Lou. There were times in the novel I could relate to Lou. Very much with the whole job finding part in the beginning, including not living life to fullest. Her character was put on the page so well and felt so many emotions towards her when certain events happened to Lou. I felt happy as well as sad for her at the same time at the end of this novel.

Will’s character grew on me throughout the story. I didn’t like him at first, but I did start caring about him when Lou started to.

I did love Lou’s family and Will’s family. Lou’s sister did annoy me at certain points, especially when she was fighting with Lou. Their fights remined me of the ones I had with my own sister.

Now I won’t go into the whole controversy of the novel because that’s not the reason whu I read it. I read this novel because I love the story and the characters.

I think anyone who reads this contemporary should try to read this novel. Even if you don’t you should still try to read this book.

I will warn you, have tissues right next you as you read. You might start crying.

Have fun reading!!!

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