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Stormrage: World of Warcraft-Book Review

Author: Richard A Knaak

Rating: 4.5/5 Stars

Summary: Stormrage follows Tyrande Whisperwind and Broll as they try to save Malfurion from the Emerald Nightmare. Though the Emerald Nightmare has a life of its own and starts affecting all of Azeroth, pulling people into a deep sleep and bringing them anything but good dreams. So it’s up to them and a few others to stop the Emerald Nightmare from spreading.

Review: Stormrage was the first World of Warcraft book that confused me. Usually, with WOW novels I just read them without a problem but with this one, I got confused with what character was doing what.

The way I see it, the beginning was good, the middle was confusing, and the ending was amazing.

There were a lot of characters that were followed in this book, and I loved each of them. I was needing/wanting to see what would happen to them at the end.

The reason I’m giving this book 4.5 stars is because of how confusing this book made me while reading it. So many characters were doing different things, which was hard to keep track of what character was doing what because of how much that was going on at once, though it all came together in the end. The ending it what made the book for me. It was a perfect ending to wrap it all up, and my rating got bumped up because of that.

I do think this is a great World of Warcraft book. This book is the best one to read before the new World of Warcraft expansion comes out. The new expansion being Legion.

If you are a big fan of World of Warcraft and of the books, then you should read this one since it is definitely worth the read.

Have fun reading!!!


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