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The Young Elites-Book Review

Author: Marie Lu

Rating: 5/5 Stars

Summary: Adelina Amouteru has survived the blood fever that spread across the land, but that doesn’t leave her unscarred. Along the way, she meets a group called the young elite, who are also known as the dagger society. So not only is the Inquisition Axis hunting down malfettos like Adelina, but they are hunting down this group. Adelina learns more about herself as well as her powers in the first book of this trilogy.

Review: I will start by saying how I should have read this book sooner because it was so good. Marie Lu knows how to write dark and sexy stories, including characters.

What I loved most about this book was how different it felt while I read it. The story was something new to read for me. The characters didn’t feel like a mixture of other characters I read. Just everything in this book was different.

I loved the characters. I grew to love them but then with some other characters I grew to hate them. Adelina is one of my favorite heroines. Her character brings something new to the table of heroines.

I think it’s great that this book and Legend trilogy feel different from each other, which is good because I want to love both trilogies on different levels since one is dystopian and the other is high fantasy.

I recommend that if you liked Marie Lu’s Legend trilogy, then read The Young Elites, especially if you like dark and sexy stories, you will love this book.

Have fun reading!!!

2 thoughts on “The Young Elites-Book Review

  1. I’m yet to read Champion, that series good enough that I will definitely be reading this one too—as I have already got the first book on my shelf, so it would seem a waste to not give it a try. I hope it is as good as everyone says!


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