Writing Tip #2-Getting a Writing Idea and Letting It Sit

As writers, we can get an idea from almost anywhere at anytime. A lot of those times, at that moment, we love those ideas we come up with, and sometimes we immediately want to start writing it. But when we do start writing with that story idea in mind, we then realize how much we either don’t know or how much of a general idea it is.

Sometimes it’s best to write down the idea and let it sit in your mind to develop it more.

The reason for sometimes letting a story idea sit is so it can develop more. To see if it could actually become a story you could write, as well as seeing how much you could develop more of the story before going to write it.

I do this with a lot of story ideas I come up with, because a lot of them are either generic and/or cliches. So sometimes letting the idea sit as I do mundane things helps it grow into an interesting story that isn’t a cliches.

I know not everyone does this. Some writers can come up with an amazing story idea quite easily.

Not every writer is the same and usually a writer finds their own way of dealing with their ideas.

What do you do with your ideas? Do you let them sit or do you do something else?

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