Writing Tip #4-Write Short Stories

This week a published writer came to my writing class to talk and answer questions that my class had about writing and the publishing world. Something that he mentioned was how sometimes you might have to write short stories and get them published before you will be able to get a novel published.

Which is something a lot of other published writers at my school will say as well.

Now, I’m not saying that will always happen or that this is what you should do. But, what I’m trying to say is, don’t only write novels. Write short stories, including poems. Since, what you could do as you are sending out your novel or working on your novel, you could be sending out some of your short stories to get published.

I understand that some people can find writing short stories hard and others find it easy, but I think the only way to get better at something is you need to keep doing it until you get the rhyme of it.

The reason people might love to read short stories is that it isn’t a long commitment like a novel is. Writing short stories are fun because you have to write a story in not many words and you get to give it that punch in the gut at the end.

Just keep trying, because all that trying, all the effort, and all the time you put into your writing, whether it be writing novels or short stories, it will pay off. Just keep believing you will make it as a writer and to keep on writing.

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