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Be Your Own # Goals-Book Review(No Spoilers)

Author: Kristen Martain

Rating: 4/5 Stars

Summary: “We’ve all played the comparison game at one point or another. But instead of striving to be like everyone else, why not try to be your own #GOALS?

In this refreshing, yet straightforward, guide, bestselling author, writing coach, and personal development junkie, Kristen Martin, puts her personal and professional learning experiences on display for your benefit. Concise, witty, and relatable chapters and exercises make for an engaging and easy read, ultimately helping you to:

* Discover and defeat your fear-based thoughts, self-limiting beliefs, and self-sabotaging behaviors

* Overcome toxic energy, relationships, and situations that have been holding you back up until this point

* Evolve into the person you were destined to become and live the amazing life you’ve always dreamed of

If you’re ready to get out of your own head, stop playing the comparison game, reclaim your self-worth, and walk in your truth every single day from this moment forward . . . this book was written for you.” -From Goodreads

Review: When I had first started to read this book, I was hoping that it would kick my but into gear to continue writing as I worked at a job, which it did, but there were somethings that I didn’t agree with.

A lot of what Kristen wrote in this book was helpful and uplifting. I’ve been having a lot of self-doubts and just putting other people first, so reading this book helped me to positive about myself and to also put myself first. Hearing her life story, as well as seeing how she got to the point where she is now, was inspiring.

What I found slightly disappointing was that some of what is in this book is on her podcast, so some stuff isn’t new. Another thing that kind of rubbed me to wrong way was her basically saying how you could quit your job at any time to continue your dream, which I get is what most people would love to do, but not a lot of people have the luxury to just quit their job and do what they love for a living. I would love to just write for a living, but I know that won’t happen for some time.

This was a quick read with some nice exercises for people to do at the end of each chapter. The exercises are helpful to do in a journal, which helps to get more out of this book that isn’t just you reading it.

If you want a self-help book that will kick your butt into gear and/or want to help you be more positive with both yourself and your work, then read this self-help book.

Have fun reading!

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