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Shielded by Kaylynn Flanders-Book Review(No Spoilers)

When it comes to finding a young adult fantasy book, it is really easy to find one since there has been a lot published over the years. Thought the hardest to find is a book that feels different over the years. There have been some I’ve found and a lot of them have pushed the genre to stand out. A young adult fantasy book that I recently read that feel different is Shielded by Kaylnn Flanders.

Don’t worry this book review will be spoiler free, and I will try to keep the talk of somethings of the story to a minimum. But, this is all my opinion, so I highly recommend for you to read the book if you are interested.

Shielded follows out main character Jennesara or Jenna, a princess whose kingdom is losing a war. Since she isn’t in line for the throne, with being the second born, the king has planned an arranged marriage to have a chance at winning the war. She then sets off to this kingdom, only to get ambushed and must survive while finding out things that could change everything.

Now from that description it sounds not that different, but it is the meat of the story that makes it different.

The main character Jenna is really interesting and smart. She cares deeply about her family, as well as her kingdom, doing anything she can to help. The side characters and the love interest were done well. They all came off the page, being characters that didn’t blend together.

Something I want to briefly mention is the romance. I really did like the romance in the book and thought it was done well, but I do wish that it didn’t feel like insta love after just meeting like what felt like a couple of days since the first time they met.

As for the magic, it is easy to understand. There is no big explanation for it and the author does a great job of showing it to the reader. I am really hoping that the companion sequel to the book goes into even more detail because the magic system does sound interesting.

The setting is quite interesting though has that regular fantasy setting of castle and stuff. I would love to see more of the world in the companion sequel.

The writing presented in the book is simple and makes the read of the book go fairly quickly.

While I did enjoy this book, there was something that I think that could have made it better. I did like how fast pace it felt, but I did feel like there were some scenes that could have slowed down. This would have been great for the scenes that had the love interest, so I could see that love blow. Instead of it feeling like it happened within a blink in the eye.

Another thing I would have loved to see is more of the family dynamic between Jenna, her brother, and their father the king. While it is nice to see that in the beginning of the book, I do think seeing more of it in the beginning would have a bigger impact for what happens later on.

Overall, I really did enjoy this book. I could not put it down and I just wanted to read it till the end to see what would happen. I think this is a great young adult fantasy to read if you are looking for something different mixed with some familiar things. Also, again, if this book sounded interesting to you or you love fantasy, then I recommend you to read this book and give it a shot.

Happy reading!

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