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Benched by Sara Elizabeth Santana-Book Review(No Spoilers)

Author: Sara Elizabeth Santana

Series: Benched 1

Summary: “Baseball broke Evie Cordova’s heart.

Living in Santa Isabella, home of the five-time College World Series champs, The Quakes, Evie has grown up loving baseball. Her dad has been the head coach for as long as she can remember and her happiest memories were on the baseball diamond. But baseball broke her heart, in more ways than one, and she’ll do anything to avoid it.

Now Evie is in college and she can’t avoid baseball anymore. Working for her dad brings her face-to-face with Austin Young, the new shortstop who has transferred in from Texas. Austin throws her off her game with his dedication to baseball and his irresistible Southern charm. The chemistry between them is undeniable and Evie finds herself falling for the baseball player

But Evie has her own secrets that are holding her back and they just might cause baseball to break her heart all over again.” -Goodreads

Review: I LOVED THIS BOOK! I super enjoyed it and read it within like two days. I couldn’t put it down.

I am a big romance reader and love reading romance stories. Though I have never read a sports romance before. I was always afraid that I would need to know how the sports work, which I only know the basic info about them. That’s one of the things I loved about this book. As I read it I was told enough about the sport in the book to understand it without getting lost.

I loved the characters in this book. I loved Evie, Austin, Drew, Sydney and enjoying the side characters. I really enjoyed Evie’s character and watching her interact with the characters. I wanted her to get the happy ending she deserved. I wanted her dream, her wants, to be achieved. I was swept away by Austin. I fell for him as soon as he got on the page.

The relationship between Evie and Austin was done perfectly. I wanted to keep going to see where their relationship would go, what kind of relationship they would have and just how they fit together. I loved reading them building each other up and helping each other.

Something I want to mention, this is a new adult romance. There are sex scenes, which are well written and perfectly placed in the book. It doesn’t feel like those scenes come out of know where.

The book was a really fast read. The writing was well done.

I highly recommend reading this book. If you enjoy romance-especially sport romances-and new adult books, then read this book. It’s really good and romance lovers should read it.

Happy reading!

Recieved an ARC from booksprout and gave an honest review.

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