Writing Tip #5-Be Proud Of The Genre You Write In

When I started my creative writing major, I kind of knew that not every teacher I had would enjoy fantasy, but I never thought they would not except it for page count(In my college, all students had to make to 60 pages total for a class in order to basically pass the class). One of my teachers had actually told me that he wouldn’t accept my piece because it had the word sword in the beginning and fantasy wasn’t his genre.

Now hearing that hurt and I had started crying in front of him because I already felt like I was failing his class. I had started to rethink my writing, believing that maybe what I was writing wasn’t good enough.

I wasn’t mad at him for not liking fantasy since people do like certain genres and not others. I was just upset because he wouldn’t accept it for page count for the genre I wrote it in.

The reason I’m typing all of that down was that it taught me something. That was to be proud of the genre I wrote in, which was, and still is, fantasy. That I also don’t need to please people like him who don’t like fantasy. My boyfriend would tell me how that teacher wasn’t my audience, and my audience was people who enjoy fantasy.

Never change the genre you write in. Just because of someone scuffs at your or thinkings differently of you or comments in almost a negative way, don’t like lowly about the genre you love to write stories in.

Think about the audience that loves the genre and would love to read your stories. It’s those people you want to think about while writing. Not those other people. I understand the wanting of making everyone happy, but at some point, you need to make yourself happy with your work and understand you can’t make everyone happy.

Be proud of the genre you write in. Be proud of the stories you start, the stories that you finish, and the stories that you just get ideas for.

Be proud of yourself!

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